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Preston Singletary

Sealaska Heritage Institute
Juneau, Alaska

This project for the Walter Soboleff Center in Juneau extends Preston Singletary’s exploration of contemporary indigenous northwest art through his use of Tlingit’s cultural Clan House and House Posts.

Fireart furthered its long-time collaboration with Singletary by developing mold practices that capture the signature marks of the high relief wood carving. Starting from two similar carvings, Eagle and Raven, Fireart made one piece in yellow and one in a rich blue; each weighs over 600 pounds. A twenty-eight panel image of Clan House completes the installation.

Commemorative Mural

Sisters of Providence

Renton, Washington

Inspired by the glass mural in Montreal that was commissioned by the Sisters of Providence, this modern interpretation blends textural elements of nature, Christianity and historic photography. Starting with PDG's concept, Fireart's Jeff Wallin worked with Acme Graphic Design to create a rich vocabulary of distinct visual elements.

Components made from custom glass blends and photo transfers were hand cut, assembled, and fused into four large panels for a seamless presentation. LED lamps backlight the installation.

Project Management:  Presentation Design Group
Graphic Design:  Acme Graphic Design
Installed dimensions: 12’ x 50”
Photography: Jeff Wallin


Library of Congress Doors

Replicating the original bronze cast panels in glass for several sets of doors was a unique experience and an honor for Fireart. Beginning with silicon molds taken directly from the original doors, we made wax models then investment molds for the 12 different figures. These were cast using iron free glass then etched and hand rubbed to get the desired surface and translucency. Finally, each piece was laminated to tempered float glass to meet safety standards.

Original doors: 1939
New doors: 2013
Panel dimensions: 35" x 22"
Photographs: Jamie Coughlin, Charlie Lieberman, Jeff Wallin, Ray Ahlgren


The ODS Company

Artist: Alex Hirsch
Architects: GBD Architects
Photography: Alan Brandt
Dimensions: 92" x 34"
Built: 2009

Portland artist Alex Hirsch was selected to design two sliding glass panels for the ODS Company in Bend, Oregon. Fireart worked closely with Hirsch to translate her image, inspired by the Ponderosa Pines, Basalt formations, and the rushing Deschutes River, that define the landscape of the high desert region into the room.